Welcome to Dreamland

Welcome to Dreamland

Welcome to Dreamland – your gateway to the realm of dreams and beyond! When we master our dreaming we become more creative, more visionary, more inspired, more compassionate, and more tapped into the magic of being human. 

Our unique platform not only invites you to record and track your own dreams but also opens a door to the opportunity of delving into the dreamscapes of fellow travellers. By safely sharing your dreams in a supportive private circle, you can forge connections with kindred spirits, gain profound insights, and chart a course for your life guided by your connection to the wisdom within. 

Dreamland comes alive through vibrant discussion forums in our Dream Circles, illuminating Dream Courses, and captivating online events. Our community thrives on collaboration, the pursuit of knowledge, and personal growth. Engage in stimulating conversations about dream interpretation, symbolism, and the secrets of lucid dreaming, shamanic dreaming, guided visualisation, daydreaming, and actualising your waking dreams. Whether you seek guidance, yearn for inspiration, or simply wish to immerse yourself in spirited discussions, our community is the perfect realm to unite with kindred souls who share your ardor for the boundless wonders of dreams.

What You'll Get from Joining

  • Dream Exploration: Unleash the potential of your mind by delving into the captivating world of dreams.

  • Inclusive Environment: Enjoy a supportive and inclusive space for dream enthusiasts of all experience levels.

  • Connection: Connect with a diverse group of like-minded individuals eager to share their dream experiences.

  • Dream Sharing: Document and track your own dreams while exploring the dreamscapes of others.

  • Learning: Participate in on-demand Dream Courses to build knowledge and skills.

  • Insights: Gain profound insights into the mysteries of your dreams through shared experiences and discussions.

  • Collaboration: Engage in thought-provoking conversations about dream interpretation, symbolism, visualisation, imagination and lucid dreaming techniques.

  • Personal Growth: Join courses, circles, and online events that promote personal growth and self-discovery.

  • Inspiration: Find inspiration for your dream journey and discover new perspectives.

  • Community: Become a part of a vibrant community passionate about our incredible human capacity to dream.

  • Mastery: Through participating in our ongoing programs become a master of dreams. Develop a deep understanding of the physiology, psychology, symbolism and personal and spiritual meaning of your dreams. Use that knowledge to build a more fulfilling and purposeful waking life.

Access to Members-Only Programs

Once you join Dreamland you'll have access to our Dream Circles, Dream Courses, and specialised Programs.  Our deep-dive dreaming programs include:

  • Lucid Dreaming - Theory and Practice for Intrepid Explorers
  • Dreaming Awake - The Shamanic Journey to Healing Through Dreams
  • Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. - Manifesting Your Dreams
  • The Psychology of Dreams - Jung, Freud, and Neuroscientific Perspectives on Dreaming

Dare to Dream

We bring together dreamers who want to explore, track and share their dream landscapes.  We bring techniques both ancient and modern to accessing our inner world and interpreting what we find there. In a world that is increasingly materialistic, we believe that the great gift and mystery of dreaming should be reclaimed and explored by all. We assert that by bridging the ancient arts of conscious dreaming and the modern world of technology we can build wisdom that changes our quality of life, and gather inspirations that can change our destiny.

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